Double K.O. - Episode 80

New content! Chatting up a storm over Dying Light, Life is Strange, Yakuza 4, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Project Morpheus and other video game treasures! 

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Double K.O. - Episode 79

Things that have happened, things that are happening, and things that will happen.

We ponder 2014 and speculate about 2015 as we meander down an avenue of hope and memory that may one day be the basis for a musical. 

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Double K.O. - Episode 78

You name it, we got it. GTA 5 is back and looks stunningly real. Far Cry 4 is measured against the previous entry in the series. Pure Pool makes an unexpected impact on us. Can Dragon Age: Inquisition wash the bitter, bitter taste of Dragon Age 2 away? Should we have let Sleeping Dogs and The Crew Beta lie? Scott Stapp update 2014.

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Double K.O. - Episode 77

We each return from our respective overseas odysseys and we have been playing a wide range of video games.

Leaping deftly From Diablo 3 to Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments.

Catching our breath with Shadow of Mordor and The Evil Within.

Then bringing the pace right down with Alien Isolation and Lords of the Fallen.

Pull up a chair and gorge yourself on the great gaming smorgasbord that awaits all those who hit play on this episode.

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Double K.O. - Episode 76

We’re late and we know it. It’s all about Gamescom 2014 and it centres around P.T., Bloodborne, and a cavalcade of games that are sure to warm you to the very core and beyond. Please keep loving us.

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Double K.O. - Episode 75

Destiny. What is it? We found out when we spent time with the Destiny Beta last week. Child of Eden opens a new world of 3D wonderment. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a happy meal. Battlefield 4 rises from the grave. Aging with grace.

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Double K.O. - Episode 74

Food hygiene concerns are real and not to be made light of. Cola spillage 2014. Sniper Elite 3 might be graphically violent, but it might also be worth playing. The Forest stands a chance to introduce us to a new realm of survivalist horror. Valiant Hearts: The Great War  leaves Daniel weeping and alone and questioning his place in the cosmos and naked.

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Double K.O. - Episode 73

Pick-up lines and wardrobe malfunctions! You’ve heard what everybody else thought about E3, now listen to what we thought the highlights might have been. We sniff at the corpse of Murdered: Soul Suspect and generally lift everybody's spirits with tales of love and laughter.

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Double K.O. - Episode 72

Swing low sweet chariot. Somebody is trying to steal Dan’s lunch. Watch_Dogs causes a stir and elicits a surprise retraction. Wolfenstein: The New Order causes one of us to howl at the moon. Wonderbook enchants a 34 year old man with the promise of a platinum trophy.

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Double K.O. - Episode 71

Kinect does a disappearing act. Dan gets singed in a Bound by Flame transaction. Is Watch_Dogs following a little too closely to the UbiSoft formula? We have no idea what we’re talking about. Moyles.

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